Web-based software for structured, operational logging and reporting for more effective communication, efficient shift handover and enhanced performance.






Shift Handover

Capture details of events within shift and configure checklists to ensure consistent, comprehensive, meaningful handover.

Action Tracking

Monitor the progress of activities as users add information to individual events.

Operational Logging

Define the information you need, capture the details through manual or automated logging and make it accessible throughout the organisation.

Knowledge Base

Develop a rich source of information that acts as a corporate memory, supporting training, diagnostics and analysis.



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OSL is a web-based package that delivers a centralised, structured solution to operational logging, tracking and reporting with a focus on delivering clarity and efficiency to shift handover.


OSL is highly configurable, delivering the flexibility you need to ensure that your operational logs truly reflect the way you work. OSL enables you to maintain a comprehensive historical log, while your asset register, team and shift structures and data capture requirements can be tailored to reflect your changing needs, creating a reference point for a wide range of operational, diagnostic and analytical applications.


No business stands still so OSL enables you to add individual assets or entire plants as your organisation grows. As your asset register becomes larger, OSL enables you to manage complexity by providing a common reference point and a highly structured platform for use throughout the business.


Clear, uncluttered displays, efficient data entry forms and intuitive configuration tools make OSL easy to use, instilling trust and confidence in a wide range of users who can create personalised views to prioritise the information they need.


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